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Hi I'm Nikki :) this is my blog where I write about my illustration work and creative life. Read more about me

My work in 2017

Making the decision to develop a new digital portfolio at the beginning of 2017 was quite a scary yet exciting thought. At the time I was laboriously painting everything by hand and I really wanted to make my work more commercially viable. I was worried about changing my style because I thought people might not like it or everyone would unfollow me on Instagram or something, but I chose to take a risk and go with my gut feeling and it actually paid off. I have had lots of fun working in a new way and I am so happy with my digital designs.

Most of my work still begins with painting and drawing by hand but I colour everything digitally now and I use a Wacom tablet to draw some elements. I am really grateful for all of the support and encouragement I have received from everyone, it has kept me going. Rather than losing followers on social media, I gained them and I had opportunities to work with lots of new clients on exciting projects. One of my favourite commissions I did was for Puffin Books to support the release of their inspiring new Children's picture book, Malala's Magic Pencil. 

By making decisions to do things differently last year, I have learnt that it's ok to take risks and change is good. In 2018 I am trying not to overthink everything and to believe in my ideas more.

Happy new year everyone!  

Nikki Miles