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Halloween illustration challenge

I’ve started setting myself little illustration challenges recently to produce new work for my portfolio. In between client work, I like to produce personal projects regularly to push myself creatively and to keep my portfolio looking fresh. Sometimes I feel unmotivated or I don’t know what direction to go in with my illustrations so I find giving myself a challenge really helps. So because it’s spooky season and I love Halloween, I decided to work on a set of illustrations for a #halloweencountdown to share daily on my Instagram account. I am more focused on sticking to a challenge when I announce it on social media because I don’t like to disappoint people by giving up! I prefer to give myself a short project that I can complete in a week, rather than a month or yearly challenge. I just find the longer challenges such as #100dayproject too overwhelming and in the past I have given up. But maybe I can build up to it and commit to a longer project one day.

These are the spooky illustrations I came up with over October and for my #halloweencountdown. I know I have drawn way too many pumpkins this season and should challenge myself to draw something else out of my comfort zone!

Nikki Miles