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Hi I'm Nikki :) this is my blog where I write about my illustration work and creative life. Read more about me

The Yay Makers

Recently I worked with The Yay Makers to design an exclusive enamel pin for their indie maker sub box. It's a monthly subscription where you can receive a handful of colourful indie created products to brighten your day each month. I don't often work on designing physical products so I was excited to try something new! It's satisfying to see my illustrations made up into an actual item that can be used in the real world, so after working on this I would definitely love to work on more similar projects. 

I really wanted to create something cheerful and fun to make people smile. I like to fill my life with colourful things because it brings me joy, and that is what inspired the idea. This little rainbow pin shares that joy and hopefully encourages others to make their world a more colourful place.

If you are not a subscriber you can still get your hands on this pin in The Yay Makers online shop. Also I am running a little giveaway competition on my Instagram and the winners will be chosen tomorrow (27th July 2018) so there is a tiny bit of time left to enter!

Nikki Miles