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Autumn bucket list

I'm not sure how it got to September and I'm starting to get excited about all the autumn things. Changing colours, crispy leaves, wearing wooly jumpers, bonfire night, halloween and comfort foods are some of the things I love about this time of year. Here are a few pictures from last year exploring Epping Forest and a glamping trip in Sussex, also a pumpkin painting I did the other day. I'm trying to plan ahead and take more time to do little things that make me happy. I often get so caught up in everyday work and life, I miss out on doing the fun stuff I wanted to do because I was "too busy". So that's why I have written an autumn bucket list, to remind myself to take time out for myself. I know they are only simple but the little moments in life are important and doing these sorts of things help me a lot with lowering stress and anxiety. I also thought others might find this list of ideas useful if you are trying to think of activities to do in the new season. 

So here is my list of 20 ideas! 

  1. Visit a pumpkin farm
  2. Watch Hocus Pocus
  3. Go glamping in the woods 
  4. Bake gingerbread biscuits
  5. Read a book about Hygge 
  6. Go on a nature photo walk
  7. Toast marshmallows on a fire
  8. Autumn sketchbook drawing
  9. Forage for sloes to make sloe gin
  10. Collect pine cones and conkers
  11. Put up a bird feeder
  12. Guy Fawkes fireworks
  13. Eat toffee apples
  14. Pick apples at an orchard
  15. Wear cosy clothes
  16. Join in #inktober on instagram
  17. Donate tins to a foodbank
  18. Make pumpkin or squash soup
  19. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows 
  20. Roast chestnuts 
Nikki Miles