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Key benefits of having a professional logo

Think of that apple symbol representing a popular computer brand, the green twin tailed mermaid of a trendy coffee shop or even the golden arches of a well known fast food chain. I bet you recognise at least one of these, right? Instant recognition is highly valuable to any business, even if you're not looking for world domination.

Whether you're an indie maker, crafter, artist, vintage seller, freelancer, blogger or creative entrepreneur, there are many reasons why having a good professionally designed logo (and that doesn't include clipart or copying a nice picture you saw on Google images 🙊) is important for your business. 

1. Gives your business an identity - Your business identity is visually expressed through its logo, other than your name it's one main thing that makes you memorable and recognisable. If you've ever heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" it's true, a logo can tell a story about who you are, your values, kinds of products or services you offer and the benefits. 

2. Communicates a professional image - First impressions are important, and if you want people to look at you as a professional business, you need to reflect this in your image. A good starting point is a well designed logo, followed on by a consistent brand identity. This would all be supported by your high quality products or service, photography, website, social media and so on.

3. Attracts customers and sales - We all process images faster than text. People are drawn to interesting design and colour that prompts any connected emotions, feelings or memories. So if your logo is designed well, it will attract the curiosity of your target customers and invite them to get to know more about you.  Eventually this could lead to sales and customers coming back for more.

4. Consistent brand awareness - That logo on your website, blog and shop front, as well as all of your marketing, packaging and products is representing your service and products, always attracting new customers and reminding everyone else that you are open for business.

5. Encourages brand loyalty - With so much competition out there and multiple options for consumers, brand loyalty could be really helpful for your business. When customers are given a choice between your service or a similar competitor around the corner, you want them to come to you because they know, like and trust your brand. Having a good logo will support brand loyalty by giving customers something to visually connect with and remember. 

Here are some of the logos I have designed recently for my clients; Rosina Makes who is a pretty vegan patisserie based in Brighton, Claire Moruzzi content strategist and creative copywriter from North London, Fat Pom Poms Margate based maker of jewellery, headwear, decorations, and animals using vegan-friendly wool, also Natalie Heath vegan nutrition and lifestyle coach in Brighton.

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This is some happy feedback I received from Rosina Makes after working with them "Nikki designed our logo which we are incredibly happy with. We have to say she has amazing talent, our family bakery has been brought to life with her creative skills. Nikki is a pleasure to work with and she regularly produces lovely designs for our posters, adverts and Instagram posts."

If you would like me to design a logo for your business, tell me your ideas and I'll get right back to you with more details and prices! 😊

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